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Adam Aubrey

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An accomplished business manager with a comprehensive background in the travel industry, Adam is highly skilled in sales and people management, not to mention a shrewd negotiator. Strongly motivated by successful outcomes, Adam is relentless when it comes to achieving a desired goal – business or otherwise – and as such, when he found his interest piqued by the property market and auction process, he was determined to not only quench his thirst for knowledge around it, but thoroughly immerse himself in it. With a twinkle in his eye, undeniable charisma, and an energy that’s as infectious as it is endearing, Adam was destined to be in front of a crowd. As an auctioneer, his ability to immediately engage his audience is extraordinary, and being able to effortlessly lead a group of people where tensions and emotions can run high, is testament to Adam’s outstanding talent and commitment to his craft. Of course, as a member of the award-winning Cooley team, Adam’s ultimate goal is always to utilise his superior negotiation skills to ensure a premium result is achieved for both his clients and their vendors.
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