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Priding herself on strong communication and interpersonal skills, Briannan Davis controls the room with confidence and tenacity enabling her to achieve premium results for vendors. Her ability to drive an auction and read her audience is tribute to her distinctive practice and education. Briannan’s 15 years experience in Speech and Drama, a degree in Media and Communication and an extensive career as a real estate agent combine the perfect background for a successful auctioneer. Her hard-working and adaptive approach to each auction, as well as her ability to empathise with and encourage bidders, amplifies results immensely. Briannan adds energy and excitement to create the ultimate stand out performance. A leader in the auctioneering industry, Briannan won the 2019 Real Estate Business Women in Real Estate Auctioneer of the Year Award and was selected as a finalist in the 2017 REINSW Awards for Excellence Auction Competition. Briannan is highly professional and dedicated to providing the best service possible. Her ability to build a genuine rapport with her clients and vendors is a result of her extremely high work ethic and friendly nature. She is an integral member of the award-winning Cooley Auctions team with an approach focused on enthusiasm, integrity and commitment.
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