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Michael Garofolo

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A born communicator and experienced negotiator, Michael is equipped with characteristics that have led him to excel as an auctioneer. Passionate, confident and friendly, Michael has a commanding presence that sets the tone of every auction he calls.

Michael understands the role that emotions play when it comes to transacting property and his inherent interpersonal skills are evident in the way he interacts with all parties involved in the sale process. Always pushing for more, Michael skilfully engages with buyers to ensure no bids are held back on auction day and that a premium price is achieved.

With a background in finance, numbers are second nature to Michael and his calling skills are impeccable. Not one to give up on any challenge that comes his way, Michael makes it his mission to go above and beyond for his clients and often exceeds expectations. This attitude, combined with his finely tuned auctioneering skills, saw Michael become a Partner within Cooley Auctions in 2019. A highly valued representative of the Cooley brand, Michael is an asset to the team and the field of auctioneering.

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