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Paul Enright

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Paul Enright is never more himself than when performing in front of an audience and communicating with people. Charismatic by nature he draws people in by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages participation and interaction.

Placing the greatest importance on integrity and honesty, Paul is driven by his pursuit to realise the potential and opportunity in every person and situation ­- which translates in the auctioneering arena to achieving the best possible result for his clients every time. This enthusiasm and professionalism, coupled with his honed negotiation skills makes him a perfect fit for the Cooley auction team.

Incredibly motivated and focused, Paul has enjoyed a highly successful career in the events industry, which has given him excellent grounding in building relationships, providing flawless customer service and being able to manage any situation with confidence.

Paul radiates the Cooley Auctions ethos, consistently achieving outstanding results and leaving a positive impression with every client he works with.

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